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About Licensing

Certify The Web Certify Certificate Manager is a commercial product. A free community edition is available for download and evaluation (limited to a few managed certificates).


This documentation covers the Certify (SSL/TLS) Certificate Manager app. We also have separate licensing for our Certify DNS managed dns challenge service which is not covered by the licensing below.

You can purchase a license key which will then enable you to install the app on one or machines (depending on your license type). You can purchase multiple license keys to fit different sized installs and each install can manage an unlimited number of certificates through your choice of Certificate Authority.

You can review and manage your license keys and active installs via your profile under License Keys.

There are two main methods of licensing:

  • License Bundles
  • Cloud Managed Licenses

We do not offer special licensing terms for any type of organisation.

License Bundles

For the Certify The Web app you can currently purchase the following license bundles:

TypeRenewal FrequencyNumber of InstallsPriceBundle Saving
Starter12 Months1$59 USDn/a
Professional12 Months3$149 USD15%
Power Pro12 Months25$899 USD39%
Enterprise12 Months100$2499 USD57%

From 1st November 2023 we have moved to a 12 month renewal cycle for all license tiers and revised pricing, this will apply to new licenses, existing renewals will remain on the previous pricing/terms until after 1st Nov 2025. Pricing for Power Pro and Enterprise tiers last revised 1st February 2024.

These give you 1 license key (per bundle purchased) which can be used up to the given number of installs.

License tier names are an arbitrary label and are not related to the size/nature of your organisation, they are just our name for the license bundle.

These license bundles can be purchased using a credit card (via Stripe) or via PayPal.

Proforma Invoicing, reseller accounts etc are not generally supported due to the manual processing involved. See Cloud Licensing instead or you can also get a link to send to someone else to complete payment on behalf of your account.

If you specifically need to purchase through a reseller please contact with your enquiry. This is generally only available for Power Pro and Enterprise tiers.

Notifications are sent when your license key is about to expire. To stop receiving notifications about an expiring or expired license key, sign into your profile and choose Cancel Now from the License keys tab.

Cloud Managed Licenses

An alternative to purchasing a license bundle is to have a flexible license that's managed via a cloud subscription.

The benefits of a cloud managed license are:

  • Billing is entirely integrated into your organisations existing cloud provider subscription.
  • You have one product license key which you can apply to multiple installs.
  • You can increase or decrease the number of installs required at any time.
  • Your organisation is only billed (by the cloud provider) for the number of installs you have set in your cloud subscription (pro rata per month).

Cloud subscription pricing varies by provider. The number of licensed installs set on your subscription is referred to by cloud providers as Seats or Users.


Note: If you license (for example) 10 installs but only actually install 9 you will be billed for 10. You can review your currently activated installs on your profile under License Keys. You cannot have a greater number of active installs than licensed installs.

We currently use Microsoft Azure marketplace for our subscriptions. This is only a convenient billing mechanism and does not require you to have servers hosted with Azure.

To get started with cloud managed licensing via Microsoft Azure billing you can use any of the following links to create your subscription:

Cloud Managed License pricing via Azure is $4.99 USD per install per month.

If you would like us to support a different cloud provider marketplace for licensing, please contact support at

Upgrading and Downgrading License Keys

If you are using a license bundle, you can downgrade your license bundle through the License Keys tab of your account when your license is about to expire (or has already expired). If you currently have a license key and want to renew your license at a lower tier, you can choose the Downgrade Now option.

To upgrade to a new license tier you can either purchase a new license key of the required type and move each install to the new key (About > Deactivate Install, then About > Enter Key..) or alternatively contact support at to discuss upgrade options for an existing license key.

Company Information

Certify The Web is a suite of products including the Certify Certificate Manager application and the Certify DNS service provided by Webprofusion Pty Ltd (

We are a small business based in Western Australia, established in 2017. If you need to add our vendor details to your system please use the following:

  • Name: Webprofusion Pty Ltd ATF The Webprofusion Trust
  • Address: Unit 9A, 151 Herdsman Parade, Wembley, WA 6014, Australia
  • ABN: 44617880583
  • DUNS Number: 744563927

We are a small business with no tax presence outside of Australia. We do not currently provide:

  • International ISO accreditation numbers etc.
  • US W9 forms and other international tax exemption forms
  • External audit reports

The source code for our main product Certify Certificate Manager is available for review at

Terms of Service

Our services, licenses and products are subject to our Terms and Conditions.