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Setup your DNS API credentials for OVH

To use the OVH DNS API, you need to create API keys on the OVH portal :

  • Go to the page*&PUT=/domain/zone*&POST=/domain/zone*&DELETE=/domain/zone*
  • Fill the fields :
    • Account Id / password : your OVH credentials (used to access the OVH web portal)
    • Script name : as you want. Mine is "DNS validation (for Let's encrypt) on SRV-01" (because SRV-01 is the server where the credentials will be used)
    • Script description : as you want. Mine is "Used by local copy of 'Certify The Web' to perform DNS validation (which is required to request a wildcard certificate)."
    • Validity : set Unlimited if you don't want to renew the credentials periodically. (On a test environments, set a short delay for security reasons)
    • Rights : set /domain/zone* on GET, POST, PUT, DELETE to allow only access to the DNS API of OVH and no other service. Note : OVH API actions are listed here.
Filling the OVH form to create credentials
  • Validate with the 'Create Keys' button
  • Copy down the Application Key, Application Secret and Consumer Key.
Save the OVH form to get credentials

Add New Stored Credential to Certify

Now add a new Stored Credential in Certify, choosing OVH DNS as the provider type, and enter:

  • Your API Application Key
  • Your API Application Secret
  • Your Consumer Secret
  • The endpoint name of the OVH API. It must be one of the following : ovh-eu, ovh-ca, kimsufi-eu, kimsufi-ca, soyoustart-eu, soyoustart-ca, runabove-ca
  • Click Save.
OVH Credentials on Certify
  • Test your credentials by selecting the credentials in the list and clicking the "Test" button