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Getting Started with acme-dns

acme-dns is a method for domain validation via DNS CNAME redirection to a trusted acme-dns server which in turn handles automated TXT record queries required for the ACME certificate validation process.

With acme-dns, you create a special CNAME record, instead of a TXT record. This CNAME record points to the acme-dns server and handles ACME challenge responses for your domain.

  • Select acme-dns as the DNS update method.
  • Point to a trusted acme-dns server
  • Click Test or Request Certificate to perform a one-time registration with the acme-dns server (per domain).
  • You will be prompted to create a CNAME pointing to the acme-dns server. If you miss this prompt check back in the log file for your managed certificate (see the Status tab).
  • Once you have created your CNAME record, delete any existing _acme-challenge TXT record in the same zone to avoid confusion.
  • Resume the request using Request Certificate, the acme-dns server will automatically provide the required TXT record responses on your behalf.
  • Automatic renewals will then perform this process again without manual intervention.

About acme-dns

You can read more about acme-dns and you can optionally host your own acme-dns server by following the configuration instructions from:


If you have configured your own server, test your acme-dns server is responding to DNS queries ok:


If the error in the app is NXDOMAIN for _acme-challenge... , the Certificate Authority has been unable to find or follow the CNAME you have configured in your DNS.